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Weather in Kuwait

Posted by on January 20, 2008

This morning was i left home and although the temp reading was 15c i could barley feel my hands and my feet where frozen never felt like this probably its a sign i’m getting old * Cough *,  i’m not a big fan of the heater as it tends to make my ears go red, but today was an exception i fell in love with my car heater as it slowly brought my hands back to life again as i arrived to work.

At work was the opposite,  it was so warm i had to go walk under the server room AC for a while to cool down and prevent a disaster if i get over heated and explode 😛

in an attempt to fix my sleeping habits that where ruined in my last sick leave i decided to stay awake last night and go to work ( Bad IDEA ) the first couple of hours passed with no casualties, Then … i started getting these head nods i tried to make my self busy with anything but the temperature was not helping me much, anyway i survived till around 2:00 hoping that the last 2 hours pass by… but you know what they say ships run madry sheno fish and chips   i got summoned for a meeting *AAAAAAH* it was horrible, it reminded me with the times in highschool when we used intelligent ways to camouflage and pretend we are awake u know the usual stuff  moving the pen as if we are writing something  or hiding the face with a hand as if we are reading or taking notes 😛 but that didn’t work   there was no desk… and the room was soo hot i felt like my system is shutting down, with a few head nods and some eyes wide shut techniques  the meeting was over * Yippeeee*

i have a gap in my mind from 4-4:30 dunno how i got home but last thing i remember was my trusty sweet pillow ZZzzZZZzzZZzzz…….

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