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Which do you prefer ?

Posted by on September 15, 2008

Many ppl love soft drinks other s hate them, but from those who love soft drinks some prefer the taste of one over the other and can know the difference  so please vote on:
Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

16 Responses to Which do you prefer ?

  1. dandash

    i voted for coke bas u know u should add 2 more options hmm -like them both -oo i dont know :p
    coz law ako option el like them both chan e5trta :p coz i dont mind drinking pepsi so 3adi :p

  2. mjkout

    u got it

  3. Swair

    Eeeeeeeeew ;p

  4. mjkout

    Swair sheno t7iben bdalhom

  5. PaLoMiNo

    ana nagyt I hate them both.. ana il7mdela I don’t do mashroobat ghazeeya ;p I prefer Natural drinks:)

  6. mjkout

    every time i decide to quit them my wife just goes and loads up our fridge with all sorts of softdrinks.. at some time i stopped drinking them and lost alot of weight.

  7. Navy Girl


  8. mjkout

    Navy where is your vote pepsi maaaaaan

  9. Navy Girl

    saweeet 3ala pepsi wala 😀

    enta shmg3dk hal7aza ??? 😛

  10. 3bady

    lesh ma et7e6 7up wala sprite 😛

  11. mjkout

    Navy : mga3idny soot el 3ommal ekasroon min el fayer

    3bady : el sora feha Coke wo Pepsi + el sprite aslan mo 7lo

  12. T.G

    Coke of course 🙂

  13. Yasser Muzaffar

    Pepsi for sure.

    Coke tastes like water with sugar, there is no “sting” effect in it.

  14. mjkout

    Yasser: true

  15. 3anooda

    Coke for sure – pepsi wayid 7ali

  16. SweetD

    LOOOOOOL I stopped a long time now…coca cola rocks!!

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