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Hawraa and the Keyboard rubber

This is My niece Al-Hawra’ having fun watching and trying to catch the keyboard rubber while it flies [coolplayer width=”400″ height=”320″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””] Hawraa [/coolplayer]

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First time i do this stuff was bored so there… Seven things I PLAN to do: Visit my Tailor Have a hair cut Buy a new mobile make a new budget Stick to the new budget Go shooting again Take a short vacation Learn to count till 7 😛 Seven things I CAN do: Can … Continue reading »

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My Baby just came out of Surgery…

today i received the new organ  for my baby after waitig for almost 16 days as it has grown too big for the old organ to handle, i had to perform the  surgery on my own as i do not trust all these wannabe doctors to play around with my baby. first i had to … Continue reading »

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Captain Hareedy

[coolplayer width=”240″ height=”180″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””] Captain Hareedy [/coolplayer] LOOOOOL

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Mustard became Miss 6arda !?

نقدم لكم الانسة طردة… [mygal=mustard]  

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Good Morning Apple…

i woke up this morning feeling sad that the holiday has come to an end and the next holiday is not due till next month and for one day only, anyway i got dressed up for work the street was crowded as always i arrived at work checked my e-mail and got the adv. from … Continue reading »

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Al-Hawraa’ *Updated

My Niece Al-Hawraa’  ( 6al3a 3ala 3amha ) [mygal=hawraa]

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3 in one

i bought this cool 800 fils USB fan that looks like a mouse with the wire connected in the rear end ( my theory is they tried to make a mouse then discovered that the wire was wrong so they made it into a fan ) from china to circulate the air in my Cubical … Continue reading »

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Ni Hao

I’m Back 😀 [pluginpicasacumulus id=”5189551015546775681″] China was a new adventure for me from the preparation till the end. i’ll start with the preparations some ppl told us that the weather there is just like Kuwait, and there is no edible food or bread there even drinking water is hard to find :/ so our group … Continue reading »

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Weather in Kuwait

This morning was i left home and although the temp reading was 15c i could barley feel my hands and my feet where frozen never felt like this probably its a sign i’m getting old * Cough *,  i’m not a big fan of the heater as it tends to make my ears go red, … Continue reading »

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